International Mobility Insurance

Corporate solutions for employees on short term assignment

All companies or corporations must cover their employees travelling abroad, should it be only for a few days.

This is a legal obligation stated in the French social security code.

Any accident occurring during a foreign assignment is considered as a work accident and the employer is therefore fully liable for all consequences. Furthermore, many labour agreements include additional obligations of coverage for employees on short term assignments abroad or even in France.

Pasion can provide simple and cost efficient solutions to cover all employees or designated persons.

For instance:

  • Direct payment of hospitalization or repatriation costs
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses in complement of the French social security
  • Legal assistance (lawyers’ fees, pre-financing of legal deposit or bail)
  • Assistance in case of loss of passport or payment cards

Insurance for expatriates or travellers outside their country of origin:

The protection of persons outside their country of origin is one of the core activities of Pasion.

Depending upon the status of the employees on foreign assignment (expatriate, on secondment, diplomats, third country national, foreign employment …), Pasion will inform you of your obligations and will propose adapted solutions in terms of unemployment insurance, pensions, assistance & repatriation, employee benefits, health insurance (with or without French or local social security schemes).

We can cover any occupation (including dangerous ones) in most of the countries in the world (including unsafe areas or war zones).

Pasion can propose both individual insurance schemes and group plans and has access to many international well rated insurers in France or abroad including the Lloyd’s of London which allows us to deal with even the most complex or intricate cases.

We always apply internationally the same methodology as for local cases and pay full attention to the following points:

  • Worldwide consistency of tariffs with the structure of the insured population and past financial results of the insurance policies.
  • Optimization of administration costs of any kind (including brokerage costs) through networks of local or regional administrators independent from the insurer.
  • Definition of service level agreements matching the highest standards in each country and allowing easy communication and dialogue through private web pages for each insured.
  • Legal compliance: Does the coverage comply with all legal obligations? Is it in line with local and international markets standards for the occupation and the geographical area?
  • Contract: Is the contract clear, well written, customer friendly?