Special risks and reinsurance

Special risks

In addition to its core activities, Pasion has developed knowledge and experience in some special risk areas, in particular:

  • Cancellation insurance for all kinds of events: festivals, concerts, exhibitions, sporting events…
  • Weather risks
  • Travel insurance for dangerous areas or war zones
  • Death insurance without any exclusion (key man insurance)
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Dangerous activities or professional activities excluded by standard policies (sailors, helicopter pilots…)

Thanks to our contacts in all major insurance markets (including the Lloyd’s of London) we can study any special request and propose adapted and cost-efficient solutions.


Reinsurance brokerage is a core part of Pasion’s activity in both employee benefits (international pooling) and affinity products which enables us to implement international solutions unavailable in local markets only (product innovation, high amounts of coverage, cultural impediments…)

Pasion is in close contact with most of the major players in the reinsurance market and can propose credible solutions in the areas of:

  • Solvency enhancement
  • Risk transfer ( mortality/longevity)
  • Increase in capacity
  • Knowledge acquisition and diversification