Affinity Insurance in Europe

Generally speaking, Affinity insurance includes all insurance products marketed through a structure or a network, the end purpose of which is not the distribution of insurance

In Europe, Pasion designs and implements any kind of affinity insurance programs and proposes a vast set of concepts and solutions ranging from the “classics” to really innovative products and coverages.

  • Extended warranty for all kinds of products
  • Purchase protection (accidental damage, theft) for mobile phones, tablets, lap-tops, cameras, etc…)
  • Loyalty programs for credit cards, debit cards, co-branded cards
  • Lifestyle products:
    • Accident/sickness/unemployment coverages for utility bills.
    • School fees protection.
    • Rent insurance
    • Income protection
  • Payment protection insurance (PPI) for all types of loans:
    • Mortgage loans
    • Consumer loans/revolving loans
    • Motor loans and Leasing or long-term rental
  • Bank account protection

These products are always “tailor –made”, depending on the country, its cultural habits and its approach to insurance, the desired cover, the distribution methods, the characteristics of the target population and the local capabilities in terms of  claim administration.

Taking the above into account, we can implement these programs on a fully local basis or using the freedom of services in Europe or combining a local fronter and a reinsurance treaty providing international capacities.


Upon request, Pasion also develops totally new products dedicated to a specific target or market segment in order to increase customer loyalty or generate additional income.