Employees of foreign embassies in France with a local employment contract have the same status as the one of the employees of any other private company.

Therefore, they enjoy the same benefits (social security).

The implementation of any additional package is exactly similar to the one described in the “Employee benefits and health” part.
Conversely, the diplomatic staffs require dedicated policies covering them in full as they do not benefit from the compulsory local schemes (social security).

These policies are most of the time negotiated globally by the foreign ministries but sometimes also locally. They require a specific expertise fully available from Pasion.

  • The policies must be not only adapted to the country where the embassy is located but also allow the transfer of insured from one country to the other.
  • Only a handful of international insurers are able (and willing) to underwrite this kind of coverage.
  • Administration requires specific skills: languages spoken, VIP services…

It is often possible to include also local embassy staffs in these contracts for countries where local suitable solutions are not available.

Lastly, although assigned in France, some staffs may keep an employment contracts in their country of origin. We can also design adapted solutions to fulfil the particular needs.