Employee Benefits and Health Coverage

Employee Benefits and Health Coverage

Health insurance and other employee benefits are major accompanying factors for the growth and the social climate of any company.

Beyond legal constraints, they allow you to protect your employees, increase loyalty and attract key persons at all levels. In short, it a key element of any corporate social policy.

OUR TARGET:  Companies between 20 and 200 employees. We have chosen to have for these companies a true “tailor-made” approach. Our experience combined with our reactivity allow us to deliver a high quality of service, no longer available in bigger structures.

Implementation of employee benefits and health programs:

The first phase is an audit of existing programs and contracts as it is a necessity for a company to check regularly the adequacy of its social insurance schemes.

PASION always proposes a free audit of the current situation:

– Consistency of tariffs with the structure of the insured population and past financial results of the insurance policies.
– Optimization of administration costs of any kind (including brokerage costs).
– Coverage: Does the coverage comply with all legal obligations? Is it in line with markets standards for the area of activity?
– Contract: Is the contract clear, well written and compliant with the latest legal changes or constraints.

In a second phase, PASION proposes adjustments and improvements, and writes a schedule of conditions for a tender with a panel of reputable insurers.
The answers are gathered and presented to the client under a comparable format with comments and recommendations.
Lastly, Pasion can assist in the implementation phase, organize premium collection and ensure a smooth claim administration process.

Individual policies:

Pasion can also provide packages for self-employed persons as well as key man protection and unemployment coverage for directors, corporate officers and self-employed.